1. Download Pokemon Hack Roms For Android

Top 5 BEST GBA Pokemon Rom Hacks For Android & Iphone 2017!?Go here to download the Rom hacks: can download a Free GBA Emulato. Pokemon Rom Hacks For Android Download, British Decolonization, 1946-1997: When, Why And How Did The British Empire Fall? (British History In Perspective) W. David McIntyre, For Time And Eternity Jerry Skell, Essential Guide To Bulletin Board Systems (Supplement To Computers In Libraries) Patrick R.

Are you a diehard fan of Pokemon Games? If yes, then you must have played Various Pokemon versions. But have you ever played any hacked Pokemon ROM? If no, then you are missing out some great fun. Now you must be thinking that what these Hacked ROMs are. Hack ROMs are bootlegged games, also known as hacked games or ROM hacks. These are altered video games, where some components of the game have been edited.

Even these hacked games are altered, they are being sold as legitimate games, but most of Pokémon ROM hacks are distributed online for free. Some Pokémon hacked ROMs are even uploaded onto the original cartridges for the games and are sold on Amazon or eBay or forums. There are many Pokémon hacked ROMs in English and Chinese language as well. But they all are pirated because there are no official Pokémon games in the Chinese language.

What Consoles are Pokémon Hacked ROMs Available On?

All the games which can be played on Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System, they are smaller and simpler games. But games like Pokemon need more technologically advanced consoles like the Nintendo 64. Other popular consoles for Pokémon hacked ROMs are the Sega Mega Drive and the Game Boy system.

As technology continues to advance at such a rapid pace, there are more hacking programs being created, computers can work faster on hacks, and virtually every console can be expected to have Pokémon ROM hacks. No matter what console the Pokémon hacked ROMs are based on, many emulators allow you to play any console game on your computer.

Top Ten Pokémon Hacked ROMs

1. The Pokémon Sienna: The Pokémon Sienna Version is considered one of the most magnificent Pokémon hacked ROMs with excellent graphics and a good storyline, and has made the top ten list of Pokémon ROM hacks, despite being incomplete at this time.

This Pokémon hacked ROM was awarded “Hack of the Year” in 2010 and still holds a place in many players hearts. This Pokémon ROM hack is based on Pokémon FireRed and was hacked by Manipulation and Chibi Robo, for Game Boy Advanced.

2.Pokémon Ruby: Reign of the Legends has a great mapping with a very good storyline, even though many players agree that the graphics could be edited to look better. This Game Boy Advance hack was created by destinedjagold and is a hack of Pokémon Ruby.

3. Pokémon Naranja: Pokémon Naranja is also considered one of the best Pokémon hacked ROMs with nice graphics, good scripts, and adequate mapping. This version is hacked for Game Boy Advanced.

This hack of Pokémon Ruby is the only game ever sold to be scripted in the Orange Islands. The game is incomplete, however, because the creator canceled the third beta for unknown reasons in 2005.

Despite the incompletion and the age of the game, it is still a high-priced game that is very well respected on the Pokémon forums. This Pokémon ROM hack was created by Sergio and was drawn by Kyledove

4. Pokémon Flora Sky: Pokémon Flora Sky made it to the top ten list of Pokémon hacked ROMs with very good scripting and a great storyline. This Game Boy Advanced hacked Pokémon ROM is based on Pokémon Emerald. The game developer of this Pokémon ROM hack is Sky.

5. Pokémon Liquid Crystal: Pokémon Liquid Crystal has made big news on many Pokémon forums as one of the top Pokémon hacked ROMs with amazing mapping and almost perfect scripting.

Despite the great attention to physical detail, this hacked Pokémon ROM has been said to not have much fun in the gameplay.

Download Pokemon Hack Roms For Android

This ROM is based off Pokémon FireRed for Game Boy Advanced and was developed by the Pokémon Liquid Crystal Team. The third beta of this Pokémon ROM hack was released in December of 2012.

6. Pokémon Ruby Destiny: Pokémon Ruby Destiny Rescue Rangers is said to have amazing maps as well, with awesome graphics and a very well written storyline. This has landed this Pokémon ROM hack in the top five. Destinedjagold makes his second appearance on the top ten list of Pokémon hacked ROMs with his version of Pokémon Ruby for Game Boy Advanced.

7. Pokémon Ash Grey: Pokémon Ash Grey Is considered to have some of the best scriptings. This hacked ROM is claimed to have some of the best gameplay, and clean graphics. This hack was developed by con-11, zappyspiker, and metapod23 based off of Pokémon FireRed for Game Boy Advanced. You can also make this hacked version super easier by applying Pokemon Ash Grey Cheats

8. Pokémon Shiny Gold: Coming in third on the list of the best Pokémon hacked ROMs is Pokémon Shiny Gold. While it was one of the first ROM hacks created, it remains one of the best, due to the great scripting that was dedicated to this game. This Pokémon hack of Pokémon FireRed for Game Boy Advance was released in 2006 by its creator Zel.

9. Pokémon Dark Cry: The Legend of Giratina is said to have almost perfect gameplay, with a playable storyline of excellent quality, very good mapping, and great scripting. This hack of Game Boy Advanced Pokémon FireRed was developed by mitchel1.

10. Pokémon Light Platinum: The top of the list for the best Pokémon hacked ROMs is Pokémon Light Platinum. This hack has amazing scripting, above average storylines, crisp graphics that are high quality is considered to have the best mapping from all of the Pokémon ROM hacks, and is said to have the best gameplay of all.

Download Pokemon Hack Roms For Android

This ROM hack is said to be the most engaging game in ROM form yet. This hack is based on the Pokémon Ruby, and was developed by WesleyFG, and is one of the few completed hacks available.

So if you’ve played the original Pokémon games and enjoyed them, you may be interested in playing with Pokémon hacked ROMs for a change of pace.


Almost every aspect of a game can be altered when it is hacked, from something as simple as the character list to something as extensive as the entire storyline.

Even though hacks do have an original game that they are based on, each Pokémon ROM hack will be unique because each developer has the opportunity to edit or alter the game in any way he or she desires.

This means that there can be far more Pokémon hacked ROMs because a developer may also choose to hack more than one original Pokémon game. Of course, with that being said, anyone can become a Pokémon hacked ROMs developer.

There are many tools to download, and even an extensive gathering of developers and brainstormers in the PokeCommunity.

If you have an idea and you feel you cannot develop the game, feel free to ask the PokeCommunity for help, because many of them have already played the majority of Pokémon hacked ROMs and are constantly on the lookout for new games available to them to play.

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Here we dive into the top 5 best pokemon GBA ROM hacks ever. GBA (Game Boy Advance) is quite popular among the 90’s kids. This GBA was Nintendo’s amazing invention in those early days making gamers to play the latest games without interruptions.

Pokemon GBA Rom Hacks

In this portal, we share our own choice based on the gaming performances and the latest update on the ROMS. As this doesn’t make any sense of ranking or promoting these “pokemon gba roms” mentioned on the list. The list is completely based on my opinion, If you found that there is the best GBA rom missed then make sure to share it in the comment section and get it updated in our next list.

#1 Pokemon Super Rising Thunder

Here on the first of the list, we have pokemon super rising thunder. Now that this is a very short ROM hack which is not finished yet. Being one of the very old things like nine years old. But i found this and gave it a go and really i did enjoy it.

So basically you play as a Pichu and you are making your way through this world where there aren’t berries to go around in your little white Pikachu village. So you go off to try and find your own friend and something drastic happens where your adventure begins.

Upon the gameplay, you feel this is really a good ROM Hack. As you get to an end you might get disappointed because of the last update of the game released in 2010. The graphics, story and the game’s puzzles are completely extraordinary to solve.

#2 Pokemon Sienna

For a fun fact, This was the first of all the ROM hacks. Released back in 2009/2010 under beta, Where plethora players enjoyed playing it. The game now got updated and have eight gyms and a lot of new stories. Tough the game is not yet complete tough but one day in future it will be. As it needs an end of the story and the league. But this game is very very fun to play. You get many hours of the gameplay content out from this game. With loads of fakemon’s and brand new regions to explore make your get attached with the game.

#3 Ruby Destiny 1,2,3&4

Ruby destiny is quite an Old ROM hack. The traditional pokemon turn-based mechanics are the main cons of this rom hack. All the four versions of the game are too awesome to play. The 3rd version of the game allows Decision Making and different story outcomes which is like multiple different endings.

#4 Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter

Pokemon adventure red chapter is another ROM Hack based on popo adventures manga which is a very good ROM Hack. The beta14 of the game got new designs and a plethora of graphics, stories and one can play the game as blue, and green.

This beta is not so good from the earlier one which is beta13, But the game goes on under different chapters up to the orange island where you have to collect orange tickets. Apart from all this, The game is massive and is redesigned worthing the gameplay. The updated graphics of the game make it feel more polished.

#5 Pokemon GAIA

You might already notice the game coming a mile away over the years. Now that the game got completed in 2018 and the main story anyway was doing better for the past game and probably might also release another version this year. For me, Pokemon GAIA is the perfect ROM hack. It’s because it picks up you to play it.

It doesn’t feel like a ROM hack or Fang Out, Though the gameplay is really dub it just makes you feel like you’re playing an official pokemon game. As this is what probably most gamers out there need while playing a pokemon game.

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