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How to get Free Ecoin

CrossFire is a free-to-play first-person shooter that features two mercenary corporations fighting each other in an epic global conflict. It features several game modes, each with unique maps & rules.

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Reminders: Before you continue reading this tutorial, follow these precautions. Always be careful in typing passwords. Always check the people watching behind you, they may spy on you. Also make sure that the Computer you are using is free from any Keylogger programs that might hack your account.
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How this hack works?

This tutorial contains a script that sends command to gameclub top-up servers. These commands contains randomly generated ECOIN PIN. The value of the PIN depends on the value you will enter. The server will then accept this PIN and verify its legitimacy. Once verified, it will then insert the ECOIN value on the account being logged in during the process.

This hack is very safe because you will not be asked to input username and password at this site. You only need to login at your gameclub account. Below are examples of ecoin hacks that are not true. These sites are only made to hack your gameclub username and password.

  •<--- beware of sites like this

Now Lets Start the Tutorial
Follow carefully these steps to make the hack work.
Step 1. Login to your Crossfire PH account at

Gameclub Crossfire Ph
Note: This is very important. Log in with the account you want to put the desired ECOIN. This wont work if your not logged in.
Step 2. After logging in click the Add Ecoin Button.
Step 3. Once already at the top up page, leave the browser open (do not close the top up page) then proceed to the next step.
Step 4. Now select the desired amount below (100,300,500,1000). Then Click Generate button. WAit to finish generating random pick PIN.

Gameclub Ph Download

Step 5. Click the top up button after PIN finished generating, then follow the instruction. You will then be prompted for your username and password again for verification.
Select Amout:
Generated Pin:


Gameclub Download Apk

Happy Gaming!!!