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[Armed Coders]


AC - Ultimate Server Control for PC Steam Version MW3 MP [1.9.461]
Here is the DL-Link for the latest version: [1.9.461]
Requirements: Latest MIcrosoft Framework .Net installed (V4.0)
Working on: Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (XP is not supported)
Overview Features (Over 22 Options!!!!):
1. Changable GUI - Now you can select your own Backgrounds for the Hack and save hundred Configuration Files!!!
2. Score Limiter - Adjust Maximum Score Limit for TDM / FFA / DOM / KCO / HQ / CTF
3. FOV - Field of View Editor - From 0-170 (65 standard)
4. Auto Force Host with Notification and Protection - Tries to force your pc to become host/server for the upcoming game. Icon shows you if you are host. If you are not Host you can not change anything in the game. Very save for any detection.
5. Player Quantity Adjuster - Change your desired Player Quantity from 1 to 18 in the Lobby
6. Clipping Mode - 4 different Modes NORMAL / NOCLIP / UFO / FREEZE for Single Player / Everyone / Axis Team / Allies Team
7. Vision Mode - 4 different Modes NORMAL / NIGHTVISION / NO WEAPON / NIGHTVISION-NOWEAPON for Single Player / Everyone / Axis Team / Allies Team
8. Speed Adjuster - 10 different Speeds for Single Player / Everyone / Axis Team / Allies Team. Level 0 Stops the Player
9. Unlimited UAV ON / OFF - See your enemies continuesly
10. NEW TELEPORT !!! - With F5 Key it will let you teleport a single player, your team, opposite team or everyone to your location or to Map Targets for specified gamemodes. Map Targets included for DOMINATION / SABOTAGE / DEMOLITION SEARCH AND DESTROY.
Over 100 Map Targets for each Map storable on your HDD and reloadable in Game.
11. God / Ghost Mode - You can modify Single Player / Everyone / Axis Team / Allies Team to be God or Ghost.
12. Unlimited Ammo - You can modify Single Player / Everyone / Axis Team / Allies Team to have unlimited Ammo.
13. Stop Player - You can Stop Single Player / Everyone / Axis Team / Allies Team from gaming. They just see the ingame Scorboard and cant do anything
14. Mapname - Above the Scoreboard you will see the actual Map Name
15. Team Score Bars - Always overview the status of your teams with the team-bar display and see the reached percentage.
16. Laser Pointer - Attach Laser Pointer to every Weapon.
17. Full Bright - Changes your Screen to Full Bright Vision.
18. No Recoil - Disables the Weapon-Recoil.
19. No Fog / Smoke / Snow FX - Disables these Effects and reduces resources.
20. Large Scorboard - Enlarges your MW3 Scorebard.
21. Unlimited Crates - This Function allows to throw unlimited Crates from Helicopters (You have activate Unlimited Ammo for yourself!)
22. Scoreboard Shows all details regarding your gameplay in realtime:
Scoreboard Display shows following details:
- Player Slot
- Player Name
- Player is Allies / Axis / Spectator / FFA
- Stop Icon (Player stoped from gaming)
- Score
- Kills
- Assists
- Deaths
- Primary Weapon Bullets (Watch who is shooting) :-)
- God Mode Icon (Ghost Mode / God Mode / God off)
- Speed and Speed Icon (Shows Speed of Player from 1-10)
- Unlimited Ammo Icon (ON / OFF)
- Clip Mode Icon (NORMAL / NOCLIP / UFO / FREEZE)
VAC Ban Note:
You can not be banned for using this tool in the correct way.
This tool tries to get your PC as Host Server for the game
and if it is this case, you are allowed to do anything.
So always watch the Host Status in the tool.
Do not change settings or try to adjust anything when you are
not host.
Instructions and How To Guide:
1. Start Steam
2. Start the Game Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer
3. Start the Hack
4. Join the MW3 Lobby. Now choose Player Quantity and Game Mode in the Hack.
5. Go back to Game and choose your desired Game Mode and start a Match.
6. Watch Host Status. While Map is loading the host status has to switch green
7. Try again if you are not host and failed to become host.
8. If Host Status switched successfully to green you can adjust all settings in the Hack now.
9. Have fun and rage'em all!
To edit a single player choose the player in the listbox and then apply the settings

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Instructions for mw3 hack alle titel und embleme
Manual to Using the Cheats Software to Generate Resources

Mw3 Hack Tool Download

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