Download Pokemon Resolute Rom for free. it is launched on 1st June 2018 by 1158. According to the user’s review, this ROM is amazing and enjoyable with a custom region. get it now from the below download button.

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Logan/Alma is a trainer who lives in Cedar City. One day, professor Avery asks him/her to find and record data on each Pokémon Logan/Alma meets. He/She is going to travel the whole region with his best friend Elijah. When they are trying to go to Solar City to meet Professor Avery, they encountered Team Mirage. Team Mirage was quite active in Tyron Region 1 year ago. However, it was disbanded. Now, Team Mirage is back, Team Mirage members tell Logan/Alma that they want to be helpful to humans moving forward. Why did they re-organize Team Mirage? Should Alma/Logan trust them? It’s time for Logan/Alma to find out what is happening in Sylon Region in his/her journey.

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  • New regions, new gyms(Of course)
  • 3 Regions(Sylon, Tyron, Johto)
  • Battle Department – A place for trainers from all over the world to battle.
  • Some 4th gen and 5th gen Pokemon, about 33 Pokemon of the 6th generation and 5 Pokemon of 7th gen.
  • Some new tiles(Maybe a bit rough,it’s not easy to draw them…)
  • Mega Evolutions
  • Alolan Vulpix and Alolan Ninetales


Pokemon Resolute Rom Download

Download Patched Pokemon Resolute Version Rom Latest version- v2.78 Updated on- June 1, 2018.

Pokemon Resolute is another Pokemon Emerald Hack that was made by wind1158. If you have played Pokemon Victory Fire, you will know him. Since 2013, he has been developed this project and worked so hard to complete it. The result is that in 2014, the Final Pokemon Resolute Version was released. The latest release is Version 1.17 on November 28th, 2014.

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Like his previous hack, he still choose Emerald Codebase to make this Hack. I think he is a super talent creator with good skills. The game is awesome in game plot, graphics and music. I can not wait for the next releases.



At the welcome screen, you can choose who you want to be. If you want to be a boy, you are LOGAN and to be a girl, your name will be ALMA. You are living with your Mom in Cedar City. With the helps of Professor AVERY, you have your first Pokemon to make an adventure around SYLON. Along your way, you gradually know about Team Mirage’s plan to reform this region. You know your important mission is to stop them before you can challenge with Elite Four. Train your Pokemon so strong and do that. Good luck!!!


  • New Gameplay with 3 Regions Sylon,Tyron and Johto
  • Harder Mode
  • Mega Evolutions
  • Battle Department
  • Pokemon from Gen 4,5 and 6
  • New Graphics



Pokemon Resolute Download

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Pokemon Resolute Version Rom Hack Download Games

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Pokemon Resolute Rom Hack Download

Pokemon Resolute for Nintendo Gameboy Advance/GBA is a hack-monster capture RPG game Published by wind1158 from pokecommunity. Check the Source for Details.

Source Link:

The v2.72 is complete Game.

Pokemon Resolute Rom Download

Pokemon Resolute Version Rom Hack Download Pc


  • GBA ROM’s are Playable on Android With My Boy GBA Emulator
  • Play On PC With Visualboy Advance GBA Emulator

Pokemon Resolute Info:

Release Date: January 10, 2013
Genre : Hack, Monster Capture RPG
Publisher: wind1158

Region : Region Free
Languages: English
Platform : Gameboy Advance
Rom Type: .GBA

Download Links: Size – (7MB)

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Pokemon Resolute Version


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